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For that purpo he hath allredy putt them in good order ( Grupos )
Criado: 6th November 2010
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For that purpo he hath allredy putt them in good order with capitaynes, and all thinges necessary, in suche sorte as they shalbe in aredynes to com to hym upon an howres warnyng. Howe be it, if His Highnes pleasour be to send hether the said gentelmen, mencyoned in your last letter, to be under my Lord Chambreleyn, and to helpe hym, as the cace shall requyre, I think they shal do good servyce, if nead shuld be. Secondly, I desyer you tadvertys His Majeste, that (God willing) this towne and haven, before my Lorde Admyralles departure from UGG Boots Sale hence (which wilbe on Wensday next), or soner, if it be possible, shalbe putt in suche UGG force and strenght for UGGS the defence of thennemyes, as, by Goddes grace, yt shalbe kept till suche tyme as a greter succour may com for the relief of the same, if the cace shuld so requyr. Therefor myn opinion is, (if it be His Graces pleasour tappoint my Lord Chambrelein to the charge for the defence of this town and cuntrey, having with hym Sir Richard Le, the capitayn of the towne, with such other gentelmen and capitaynes as he hath appointed) I doubt not but, if thennemyes wold attempt any thing, my said Lorde Chambreleyn, and the rest, as is aforesaid, shuld doo unto His Hieghnes right acceptable servyce, for the defence of the said town and cuntrey. UGG Boots Soo that nowe I trust (my Lorde Admyral being gon, and the town put in good order and force, as is prescribed, for which purpos His Majeste left me here to helpe forwarde, which I have doon, and will doo, for my being here, the best I canne) that His Grace wylbe pleased I shall retorn to His Hieghnes presence accordingly. UGGUGG BootsUGG Boots SaleUGGS


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